Our lamb

One of the great benefits of the Australian White, is its superb eating quality. With excellent carcase shape, natural marbling and high in Omega-3 fatty acids, Australian White lamb is a great option for anyone looking for quality flavourful lamb.

Our lambs are retained on open pasture with supplemental hay feeding, enabling our lambs to maintain good natural growth. This simple feeding ration has been designed with the animal’s natural diet in mind, maintaining a high ratio of pasture fodder is key to the quality of the lamb.

Due to the low maintenance nature of the Australian White sheep, our lambs enjoy a low stress life in a natural environment – this we believe results in better quality lamb.

We don’t use any growth hormones or antibiotics with our lambs, reducing the chemical input to our animals is key to the quality of our lamb and forms a key part of our regenerative farming goals.

Pasture fed

Antibiotic free

No growth hormones

Grain free

Lamb quality

Its been noted that the quality of the Australian White lamb eats like no other lamb, and testing has proven this. These tests revealed the Australian White lamb has natural marbling and a lower fat melting point than other lamb and is a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids – all achieved without any supplemental grain feeding.

The lower fat melting point and natural marbling means Australian White lamb simply melts in your mouth with unrivalled tenderness.